Papers upload

Upload your paper now! Please follow the instruction.


If you haven’t done so, please do it asap, because the deadline was the 12th June!
You must upload your paper on the correct place, otherwise the workshop coordinator will not be able to see it.
Please understand this, because we have about 500 papers submitted and it's not possible to attend each case one by one.
That's the reason why we created this platform and release the guidelines for using it!

Please follow the instruction:
1. Get online on the platform
2. Choose "Status of My Submissions/registrations
3. Click "Track your registration and submissions"
4. Click on the line where is the name of the workshop you submitted to.
5. On "Track this submission ", please use the form "Message to the Organization", where you can write the message and upload your paper.
6. Click in the "Send" button