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Plenary Sessions

Grande Auditório Opening Session
  Slide Competition
  Portuguese Special Session
  Urban regeneration and territorial development: the need for new approaches
  Housing market and territory


Auditório JJ Laginha Housing and welfare state in a time of change
  Social and associative involvement. Social dimension of space.



Auditório C1.03 Southern European Housing
Auditório C1.04 Poverty Neighbourhoods
B1.01 Local Organizing Committee
B1.02 Physical Aspects of Design and Regeneration
Disability and Housing
B201 Land Markets and Housing Policy
B202 Housing Markets Dynamics
C4.01 Private Rented Markets
East European Housing & Urban Policy
C4.05 Social Housing: Institutions, Organisations and Governance
C4.06 Social Housing: Institutions, Organisations and Governance
C4.07 Migration, Residential Mobility & Housing Policy
C4.08 Housing Finance
C5.01 Energy Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability of Housing
C5.02 Housing & Living Conditions of Ageing Populations
C5.05 Social Housing and Globalization
Metropolitan Dynamics: Urban Change, Markets and Governance
C5.06 Residential Environments and People
C5.07 Residential Buildings and Architectural Design
C5.08 Welfare Policy, Homelessness, and Social Exclusion
C5.09 Holistic approaches to sustainable urban renewal 
C6.01 Housing Economics
C6.02 Housing and Family Dynamics
C6.06 Residential Context of Health
C6.07 Housing Law
C6.08 Housing and Urban Issues in Developing Countries
C6.09 The Politics of Urban Regeneration
C6.10 Minority Ethnic Groups and Housing





















Housing Europe

Auditório Mário Murteira 1st July
C1.04 2nd July
Auditório JJ Laginha 2nd July


NHR Colloquium

B201 Territorial and urban planning strategies
B202 Housing: architecture and habitat
C201 Economic and social approaches to housing public policy