Main Theme - Housing and Cities in a time of change: are we focusing on People?

The World is experiencing huge changes in multiple levels.
The way we look at the living world, the way we react with others, the interaction at a global scale, the conscience of the need to take care of our planet, the geopolitical threats and the amazing scientific and technological developments transforms the world every day.
The multiculturality, the particular way each of us individually or as a country, nation or other group, shapes the living world in hundreds of different ways. Different ways to act, to interact with the other, to live or just survive.
We keep inventing new ways to live and to share life with others. We dedicate our wisdom and knowledge trying to find the perfect way to live in this changing world.
As this new world arise every day, as new societies are being created, as each one of us is touched by the globalization by one side and by the need to live with other on the other, have we being successful in our mission?
Knowing that the resources are (very) limited, have we been giving our best to take the opportunity of this change to make the world more sustainable?
With the new sociological realities that are multiple but that we can identify, are we planning our living world taking in consideration not only the environmental issues but, specially, the quality of living of each one of those we are planning for?
And are we doing it in a fair way, promoting the global access to housing in its many ways? 
Are we taking in consideration the financial reality of each country, of the local economies and the new flexible labor market, as well as the new opportunities that emerge in a shrinking world?
When we plan urban solutions, replace old solutions for new brand ones and when we decide are we doing it getting the individual person in the center of the urban scale?
Housing is the main pillar for the prosecution of each one’s life project so each solution we plan when organizing territories or drawing houses should be carefully made in order to create the good living environment where the quality of living is the basilar stone.
In an transforming European society, more and more inclusive and broad, in a vision that walk in an ecologic and intelligent vision of the territories, People should take more and more the central axis of all action, being the inspiration of the solutions.